One book to guide them all. This is how we could summarize The coworking handbook, the practical guide for coworkings founders and managers.

The book is written in a way that makes it directly usable for its readers. “You buy it, you read it, you are ready to go” says Ramon Suarez about his book, “The biggest mistake in my opinion would be not to dare, to refuse to give it a try. There will be mistakes, it is part of the process.”

Ramon also put his finger on a crucial part of coworking, the community. “What makes the difference between shared desks and a successful coworking is its community and the mechanism behind it; you have to ease mutual aid and increase the confidence among coworkers”. Creating a strong community is one thing, creating a strong community with various complementary profiles is another. “A community only made of programmers would not make much sense. A community made of various profiles, on the other hand, would be perfect as those programmers may need marketers, web designers, graphic designers, etc.”

Other point broached by Ramon, the opportunities for coworkings to settle down here in Belgium. “There is place for a lot of coworkings here in Belgium; coworking is better known than before, the market has expanded. The more coworkings there is, the better the notoriety will be for both small and big coworkings.”

Where can I find it?

The book is already available in English and Dutch, it will be soon available in French and there’s a crowdfunding campaign to translate it to Portuguese.

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The article “Un guide pratique à l’usage des fondateurs et gestionnaires d’espaces de coworking” was published in the economical newspaper Trends Tendances and was written by Lara Van Dievoet.


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