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Betacowork has been very active in hosting and organizing events since it was launched. So far we have organized 421 events that have brought together 6967 people!
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What do we need help with?

We need help to deliver awesome events to the community. We love the people that do things, especially if they want to improve the local ecosystem of professionals and entrepreneurs.

What kind of events do we organize?

We organize non-profit and non-commercial events that help the audience in a practical and pragmatic way: they have to leave with new skills, new ideas and new inspiration.

  • professional workshops, round tables, motivational groups, office hours
  • breakfast or lunch meetups featuring short and practical talk.
  • conferences featuring talks about entrepreneurship, venture capital, marketing,
  • hackathons and coding workshops (like Rails Girls Brussels, an event to teach women how to code, Hack evenings with the Brussels Ruby users group or the PHP meetup group)
  • free and open source software related initiatives, providing developers a place to meet and work on their project together.

Target audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startups
  • Freelance professionals

What’s in it for you?

  • Exposure and direct contact with a great community of freelancers and entrepreneurs: 200+ active members working regularly at the coworking space, 4300+ twitter followers, 2600+ Facebook followers, 3000+ newsletter subscribers.
  • Being mentioned as an official Betacowork partner, having your logo and link featured our website and social media channels.
  • Support from the Betacowork team in organizing and promoting your events.
  • You can have your flyers and banners at the coworking space.
  • Social media promotion

If it sounds good for you, contact us!
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