Are you a freelance who is tired of working from a noisy café? Here below you will find the 10 best reasons to give coworking a chance. Experience how you can improve the way you work in a place that is actually built for you to stay motivated and relaxed.

    1. In a coworking space you find professional desks and comfortable chairs for office work: say goodbye to back pain!
    2. Solid and fast Wifi Internet connection and cables at every desk;
    3. No crying babies or people who are there just to chat with friends. People around you are there to get work done. You will have coworkers even if you work on you own (but not alone anymore!);
    4. You improve your connections (and maybe find new clients) thanks to networking events organized in the coworking space;
    5. You have appropriate places to meet partners and clients (we have meeting rooms and plenty of other solutions);
    6. You always find good coffee, drinks and snacks (and free candy too!);
    7. You will always find someone to share your lunch with;
    8. Printers and scanners are available and ready for use;
    9. No chiming bell every time someone walks in or out and no more bad music on the radio: coworking rooms are usually really quiet;
    10. Last but not least: you don’t need to ask to a stranger to look after your stuff while you have a pee.

Are these reasons compelling enough? If they convince you, try coworking for a day!
With special thanks to Link Coworking for the inspiration!1907407_700510983335930_3929518998098069151_n
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