Louis and Augustin are two cousins with differing backgrounds who joined up to work together. They both work for the Satprod Group, a company founded by Louis. They are a professional team for arts projects such as concerts, exhibitions or recording albums. They strive to provide their customers with an experienced team using high-end hardware.
Louis studied sound engineering and has worked for several live-sound companies and also as a freelancer.
Augustin studied Musical Instrument Making and Computational Linguistics, and has evolved into working as a developer.
And check this – they are both less than 30 years old!photo
After spending two years working from home they decided that they were bored of seeing the cat everyday, it was time to give coworking a try! They signed up for a month at Betacowork and then decided to stay. Before trying coworking they had definitely underestimated the networking edge that coworking space holds for its members. There are so many opportunities to share knowledge and questions with the other coworkers, or just to chat with nice people!
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