Wessel Kooyman

Improve your marketing with less effort

If you want to get more and better leads, improve your relationship with them you have to use marketing automation.
Wessel will teach us from his experience in using marketing automation to grow the sales of his web development company Cole Street, to nurture contact details and turn them into qualified prospects.  He will go through the ways startups (both B2B and B2C) can leverage this technology to build and expand their userbase.

What’s in the agenda?

  • The journey of a techie into the marketing universe
  • What is marketing automation
  • Different features Marketing technology
  • What is going on these days and why is it changing so fast?
  • B2C & B2B startup needs and how to use marketing automation (they are radically different)
  • How to find email lists

Who is Wessel?

Wessel Kooyman is a developer and entrepreneur who spent 8 years in San Francisco working with startups. He started Cole Street, a software outsourcing company that specializes in working with startups. He’s also built a proprietary marketing tool to support his company’s marketing effort

Where and when?

At Betacowork, from 15 to 16h on Thursday 19th of February. Be there on time, we don’t wait for slackers!

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