Every startup knows how to pitch to an investor, it’s the number one lesson they teach you. But when it comes to journalists, it’s a whole other ballgame. There’s a specific way to communicate with the media, a way to tell the story of your company or product so that journalists want to listen. However, very few startups know how to do it right.
Isn’t that a little crazy? Given these journalists are an important strategic option for getting your product out there. But it’s also understandable. Unless you’re married to one, how often do you bump into a journalist? It’s not everyday you get to ask them a few questions about the dos and don’ts of selling your product.
This problem gave birth to this event organized by Becomewide and hosted by Betacowork. The event is based on the formula of speed-dating that gives the opportunity to journalists to know first hand the founders of the more innovative startups in 3-minutes time sessions.
The founders for their part have a unique opportunity to receive feedback from experts in communication and media professionals to learn how to transmit their storytelling.
Becomewide and Betacowork will select only 15 entrepreneurs and 15 journalists.

When? Tuesday 28 June at 6pm.

Deadline June 17th at 4pm.