Betacowork is organizing a Hackathon for young wannabe entrepreneurs on April the 7th and the 8th (Interested? Apply here!).
The selected attendees will have the chance to develop a business idea around the theme of food mentored by experienced entrepreneurs. Discover their profile in this post and click on their picture to discover more about their projects.
A BIG THANK YOU to Olivier, Nicolas, Gilbert, Xavier, Nathalie and Fabienne who are participating and sharing their knowledge for free 🙂

Olivier Caeymaex

Digital thinker and Agile doer (and the other way round). Changing the world, one organisation at a time. He facilitates the digital empowerment of your staff and the sociocratic mutation of your company through guidance and coaching of your digital projects . Olivier Caeymaex is also a speaker & author.

Xavier Jeunejean

Xavier is the co-founder of Oh-Chef, a platform to organize culinary experiences (cooking class, demo or dinner party) with quality chefs, allowing hosts to enjoy their guests. With Oh-Chef, Xavier associates his passions for entrepreneurship and good food. Skills: Project Management, Web Development, e-business, Finance.

Gilbert West

Gilbert West is a web developer who has worked in 3 different Belgian startups, was a co-organiser of some of the first Startup Weekends in Belgium and was the lead coach at 3 of the MIC Boostcamps.

Nathalie Delaunoy

She co-ordinates “Qui DIt Mieux?”, travelling exhibitions open to young artists , and the  “Zoom Jeunes” program, a free support initiative for professional development groups or individuals .
Their objectives: add value, provide tools, networking and expand opportunities.

Nicolas Filali

Nicolas has been working for about 10 years as a Freelance (Digital) Marketing Consultant. He helped many clients and build personal projets on the way. His latest is, a Digital Marketing Agency.

Fabienne Baise

Her vision ? A consciously “connected” world that evolves through harmonious communication. Her key values: authenticity, respect for yourself and others, commitment.

This event is part of the “European Coworking Network” project financed by the “Erasmus+” program. The focus of the project is on young people who have a passion for social and economic change and on assisting them to develop their knowledge, skills and networks they need to make a difference.

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