Sophie Theben is a mother, psychologist, life coach, makeup artist, personal shopper and personal stylist. Sophie is the co-founder of “Kill the reptile“, offering coaching  in personal image, an e-shop and a blog  with tips and tricks regarding makeover, makeup, fashion and accessories.
Sophie’s passion for colours and image began while studying graphics and illustrations.  After some years of experience in the animation and decoration sector, she decided to study psychology, ending in 2004.
Sophie used to hate doing shopping because every time she faced the same problem: she found herself uncomfortable while dressing, she often bought clothes on impulse, then regretting her purchases. Until she had to do with a image consultant.
Sophie is now image consultant herself, teaching people (in particular women or professionals) which is the best way to take care of themselves, in order to their specific needs. In a few words, an image consultant helps people to become aware of their body, teaching how to enhance all their strengths.
But this is not only about “appearance”: this is rather about self-confidence, self awareness and self esteem.
Sophie recently got degrees after intensive trainings from Make up forever Academy of Brussels, from OPI, famous American brand and in April 2013 she studied the approach of “Colour me beautiful Academy” of London.

Feel like you need a summer makeover? Give a look to Sophie’s colourful website:


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