thijs niksThijs is a successful interactive designer, founder of Bruns & Niks, a design agency creating logos, infographics and websites. He is also partner of Moop Media, an app developer studio focused mainly on newspapers and logistic companies.
The feeling of creating something completely new is his source of motivation. The key for his success? A meticulous market research hides behind all his creations, in order to develop something innovative and useful that exceeds the customer expectations. The quality of his works have earned him the European Newspaper Design award and the Spin award, in Netherlands.
Even thought he looks like an easygoing and relaxed person, Thijs uses to plan all his week, hour per hour, in order to organise the workload.
Thijs is a big user of Twitter, and if you want to stay informed on the latest tech design news, you should definitely follow him.
Thijs hates to work alone and he needs a reason to get out of home. Betacowork brings him advantages such as being surrounded by many professionals and tech designers, with whom to have professional conversations, something impossible to find in a coffee place, for example. It also allows him to build new friendly relationships and to be introduced to the locals network in Brussels.
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