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Gilbert West and Erica Elias  will teach us how to get better at speaking with confidence.
Where is the naked part? It will be only you and your story: No slides!
Whether we stand in front of an audience or have a one on one meetings at work, we all have to convince others of our ideas. We started a group called Naked Pitch to help you get better at speaking with confidence. The idea is to create a safe space where anyone can try out a short pitch to a small audinaked pitchence and get feedback.
There’s only one rule. No slides. Just you and your story. That’s the naked part of Naked Pitch.
The topic you speak about can be anything. Your work, your side project, your hobby, your cat. The topic is not as important as the delivery.

Over the coming months we’ll look at different formats and lengths of pitch. We’ll also prepare some exercises for you to try each session. For example have you ever tried pitching the benefits of something you are against? Being able to pitch anything will make you better at pitching the things that are important to you.
Think of it like going to the gym to improve your pitching muscles.
Come along on Monday, bring a friend if you want, it’s not limited to Betacowork members and let’s have some fun.


Monday, 15th June, from 7PM to 8.30PM


Betacowork Coworking, Rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 (Etterbeek) – Room Madera (1st floor)

Erica is also organizing a professional course where you will learn how to overcome shyness and get your customer to like you. Check it out!

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