Here they are! New standing desks ready to be used.
We tested one standing desk in the second room for a while and, since people really appreciate it, we decided to buy new standing desks. Now you can find one of them in each room. Stand up and take advantage!
Here are some benefits of working standing up:

If you feel a pain in the neck like this, it’s normal. You don’t respect the curve of the neck. Eyes have to be at the same height as the top of the screen. You have an imagination? Good. Then use it for your neck: “parce qu’il le vaut bien”. Put something under your laptop (box, basket, letter tray, …) and use an external keyboard.
You feel pain in the back? Normal too. Same: you don’t respect the curve of your lombar spine. Remember what your mother told you: “Stand straight …”. Mothers are always right. Check this animated film from to know why it’s important (2 min 6 sec):

Take advantage of the standing desk, but use it properly! Don’t forget the “thing” (whatever it is) under your laptop in order to have your eyes at the same level as the top of the screen.


Remember, the back needs to alternate different positions. (Ok guys, I anticipate comments: you already heard this for something else).
MyMedicoach (a really interesting project lead by our member Jean-Edouard Stevens) will help you to keep your back in good shape with more animated films. And with an App to help you with exercises and with a videogame. All this when Jed will have robbed a bank, or won the lottery… or found sponsors.

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