Nicolas is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who loves to turn new ideas into reality starting from scratch. How did Nicolas become an entrepreneur? After years spent working all around the world, from China over Sri Lanka to Singapore, he had the desire to create something for himself and he wanted to have an impact.
Interviewed for Watify project, he talked about the inevitable doubts that entrepreneurs face when starting a new business. It is important that uncertainties don’t prevent people from going on with what they are trying to do. Sprofiles_00946_imageharing your doubts, with people who understand what you are going trough, can be really important. In order to become an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to fail, and you have to be a person who never gives up.
His advice? Don’t raise too much money! Creativity has to be stimulated, and too much money makes people lazy. “The most brilliant startups don’t come with a lot of money, they come with creativity”, Nicolas says.
Nicolas, who is a ambassador and Telenetidealabs mentor, feels at his best in defining and implementing a corporate vision, strategy, global business modelling and scaling by defining and implementing global businesses expansion strategies. His main domains are Mobile, Internet, Telecom.
Watity is a platform that helps taking the first digital steps and overcome doubts in starting new businesses.

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