You’ll go over the Project Management documents of a real-life web project that still has its website up and running. This is a unique opportunity to look under the hood of the IT department in a media company.

Waterfall is not dead

Waterfall is not dead

What’s in the agenda?

  • Project definition (aka Waterfall):
    • Personas;
    • Users stories;
    • Functional Requirements;
    • Technical Requirements;
    • Budget Estimation;
  • Project execution (aka Agile):
    • Issues;
    • Sprints;
  • Lessons learned.

Who is it for?

Everyone, but will be most useful to people doing web development.

What do I get out of it?

A ready-to use project management workflow template.

When and Where

June 19 from 4PM to 5:30PM, Plane 2
Free workshop by Alexander Mikhailian. He started his career as a Computational Linguist, but changed many jobs and roles since then. He has been a Java programmer, a Drupal developer, an entrepreneur and even an IT director at a media company.

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