no-pants-coworking-day by Pascal Van den Driessche
Two of our coworkers launched the No Pants Subway Ride in Brussels:Pascal Van den Driessche and Richard Medic. They have found one of the Cowork your pants off  stickers by Cohoots that I brought back from GCUC and have had a great idea: to organize the first Global No Pants Coworking Day. The idea is to spend April 15  at your coworking space without pants, working, having fun and letting the world know about it through social media. Remember to tag all your posts with the hashtag #npcoworking.
The No Pants Day  and the Subway Ride are global events that have been happening since the year 2000. Now it is time that the best crowd in the world (we the coworkers) to take up the challenge to show the globe how things are done 🙂
This is what the first edition of the no pants ride looked like in Brussels:

We want to have a similar impact in coworking spaces around the world. 23 spaces and 136 coworkers from 11 different countries have already signed up to participate.  Signup here to coordinate the event in your coworking space and town. Put on your best underwear and cowork your pants off!
Thanks again to Pascal Van den Driessche for his evil mind and artistic talent helping us run another successful April fools day prank 🙂