Our members are rewarding us with their money and great messages of support, like this one from Paul, who was in the Betagroup Coworking space before it even existed. Thank you Paul!

Ramon, Jean,
I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for setting up the coworking space. It is really a great place to meet people with different expertise and backgrounds. Personally I have met several people who might be able to help me with my project, which would not have happened had I continued to work from home.
The coworking space is not just about a one-time networking event. It’s about building meaningful relationships in a casual environment. Therefore the more the merrier. I hope that the group will continue to grow and that ultimately we will fill ICAB with start-ups. The good news is that we are only at the beginning.
Thanks again guys.
Paul is the founder of D.I., a start-up which specializes in e-commerce. After having worked for an investment fund and a lobby, he is now discovering and enjoying the start-up life despite all the hurdles to clear. He is also following the Founder Institute’s entrepreneur training programme.

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