Thomas Paris, 23 years old and already co-founder of a startup called Pictawall.
What is Pictawall? It’s a marketing tool for brands that want to activate a community during events in order to reach a global audience. Pictawall mixes its customers’ content with a continuous feed of photos and videos shared by the public across social networks. The goal is to create a buzz and engagement during the events.
This idea comes from the StartUp Weekend Liège in 2012. They were 10 people who started the project just for fun, but after just a few hours there were already people interested! Now, after two years, they also have internationals clients, not bad right?
When I asked to Thomas why he chose to work from a coworking space, he answered that it’s because he can’t work alone, he is not efficient working from his room! Coworking is like a being in a big library when you are at Universitypictawall-presentation-1-638. Another important reason is the networking, at Betacowork you can find many startups, you can find people with different profiles who can help you. “You have everything to win from working in a coworking space”, he says.
He remembers that when he first arrived at Betacowork he was impressed by the building and all the people focused on their work, he didn’t have the courage to go to people, introduce himself and ask questions, but after a while he got used to it and met a lot of nice and helpful people. So, don’t hesitate to network with anyone!

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