The goal of Business Book Club is to use it to learn from the readings of others and to force ourselves to read more business books.
We meet at noon in Plane 2, (so bring your sandwiches) to discuss :
The Power of Rest: Why Sleep Alone Is Not Enough. A 30-Day Plan to Reset Your Body presented by Ramon

This groundbreaking book takes a fresh look at the role that rest plays in the quality of your life, offering a proven program to enhance your health, help you look younger, and feel restored. The Power of Rest provides a low-cost, low-risk answer to some pressing health concerns, and is an important adjunct for those already investing time, energy, and money in their health. Readers interested in a new plan to help with sleep disruptions, fatigue, lack of zest, weight loss, or diabetes will find many helpful suggestions in The Power of Rest.

Are you in?
Thursday 15th of September at noon.
Take a look to the presentation of the book that we discussed during the 1st Business Book Club: Getting Thing Done by David Allen.
This workshop is only for the member of Betacowork, become a member to enjoy it!

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