On the 19 and 20 of February we hosted the Rails Girls Brussels workshop, and we rocked! Betacowork has supported Rails Girls in Belgium since 2012, opening the doors of the coworking space to their workshops.
Here’s the diary of our week end, look how much we had fun and learned.

Day 1: Installation Party & Party Party


Installation party in the Cafeteria @Betacowork

On Friday late afternoon we met in the Cafeteria and we got to know the attendees a little bit. The coaches (all volunteers!!) armed with pen drives helped the attendees to install Ruby on Rails. After “fighting” with unexpected installation problems, we enjoyed some beers all together. Then, we went to bed early in order to be in a great shape for the full-day workshop the day after.

Day 2 – Learning how to code


Learning about front-end and browser languages.

At 9 o’clock on Saturday morning 30 Coding Wonder Women with sleepy faces arrived at Betacowork. How to wake up and face a full day of coding workshop? We needed a magic potion. Apex coffee, one of the sponsors of the event, prepared a special blend for the occasion. After an outline of the day and thanking the sponsor, we jumpstarted our first web application. We tinkered with front-end and browser languages in the morning and with Ruby on Rails in the afternoon.
[Tweet “I’m a Coding Wonder Women thanks to @RailsGirls_be @Betacowork #coding #ruby #BeTech”]
A special thank you to the new organizer, Silvana Precup and all the volunteers coaches, for making it happen. Looking forward the next event 🙂
Are you curious and wanna join the next event? Like the Rails Girls Brussels Facebook page and stay updated!

Rails Girls Brussels 2016 @Betacowork

Rails Girls’ aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas. It was born in Finland, but is nowadays a global, non-profit volunteer community. They do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more approachable. Learn sketching, prototyping, basic programming and get introduced to the world of technology.

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