Coworking is a brand new way of working; it has now reached our beloved capital city and is starting to spread. Dozens of coworking spaces are opening their doors and come in all sizes and shapes.”People have to make a differenciation between coworking spaces that bring people together and create a community and people who just offer coffee and basic services. It is not the same.” says Ramon Suarez, the co-founder of Betacowork, about the competition, “The amount of coworking spaces has rose, eventhough the growth has been slower than what was expected.” The reason behind that rise? The number of freelancers and entrepreneurs in Brussels.  “New spaces will open in the future” conclude Ramon Suarez “More and more independents will need support. Coworking has a bright future.”

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The article “Bruxelles, les nouveaux conquérants” was published in the newspaper LeVif/L’Express and written by Xavier Attout.

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