“There has never been a company gone bankrupt when sales were good…”. This quote might be a bit exaggerated, but there is some truth to it: When sales are good, the necessary oxygen is the best way to invest in growth, to think strategically, to work to start optimising company processes, etc. Selling technological products and services is not easy though, especially when the sales person has a technical background. Many beginners mistakes are made which have a huge impact on the success rate, but which also are easily avoidable if you know them. In this workshop a “Most Wanted” list of sales mistakes is explained with concrete tips on how to avoid them. Some examples:

  • When to make an offer and when not to make an offer?
  • When to give a company presentation?
  • How to make a good appointment?
  • How important is pricing?
  • How do I get the decision takers around the table?

When and Where?

Wednesday 15th of February at 9:30AM. Room Plane 2 (Betacowork/ICAB Business&Technology Incubator).

Who is the speaker?

Hans Clijsters is an Industrial Engineer who has fulfilled several commercial functions in different technical industries for almost 15 years. He has worked in ICT, two engineering firms and an aeronautics company as a sales engineer, account manager and sales manager. Since 2015 Hans has founded Hamilton to give keynotes on sales skills and to coach salespeople and startups to become more successful in B2B sales of technical products and services.

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