linkedon photoHello everybody! I’m Donatella Curci, I’m twenty-five years old and I’m starting an internship at Betacowork, thanks to the European Program “Leonardo da Vinci“. I graduated in Law studies at the University of Bari and I speak currently English and French. I learned French during my Erasmus experience in Brussels at the Université Libre de Bruxelles where I focused my studied on the International and European Law.
I’m very interested on this training experience because I think coworking is a new and innovative way for entrepreneurs of building businesses, avoiding working at home which could be very annoying and much less challenging. Through this experience I want to know more about a field which is not the one of my previous studies but that can be very useful for my future career.
I learned that the main aim of coworking is to create a community to share experiences, practices, to make professional contacts (apart from being also a new way to socialize with other people.) Coworking spaces are also a place to build new job relationships: coworkers can find the partners to work with or people to hire in their company among each other. I have so much new things to learn about coworking and I will make every effort to make my internship a successful experience. I will focus my training experience on making new professional contacts because I would like to work in companies, banks, enterprises or law firms.
My traineeship’s main activities will be focused on communication, networking, promoting Betacowork’s events so I can improve my communication and language skills. I’ m sure it will be a very good experience for me and I hope that Betacowork will positively evaluate my cooperation. I’m a very helpful and kind person, I like to work with other people (in fact during university years or Erasmus I often studied in libraries because I agree with coworkers on the fact that working alone at home sucks :D) I’ m always ready to learn new things and opened to new job experiences.
Looking forward to meet you at Betacowork!

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