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This scholarship is meant to help and support startups in their early stages.
To be eligible you must:

  • be a tech startup according to definition in any field or industry;
  • be in the directory;
  • be a team of up to 3 members;
  • submit a business model canvas and milestones.
  • Commit to work full time in your project at Betacowork and to a meeting every two weeks with the Betacowork team to report on progress.

We want you to dedicate yourself 100% to your project and are willing to help you do it.


October 2 – December 31st – March 25 – June 24 – September 23

More info & applications: 3 Months Coworking Scholarship for Startup Teams

Here are the winners from the last edition: Meetsies; Marjore and Browcast. Contact them to discover how much they improved thanks to this scholarship!
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