Une grève ? Une opportunité pour les employés
In Belgium, like in many other democracies, workers and unions make use of their rights and call for strikes every once in a while. This can cause issues with public transport and traffic jams, and the Brussels transport authority (STIB) announces this every once on a while. After all Brussels is the capital of Belgium and Europe.
These strikes make it hard for some people to get to their workplace. In the last years some employers have decided to give workers a day of remote working so that they don’t have to face any travel inconvenience. If you need to get some work done, why not take advantage of one of these strike days and experience coworking for free?
Wheter you are employed, freelance or entrepreneur you have to face the same dificulties of working from home. In a coworking space you find a relaxed environment that helps you get work done.
Coworking spaces are not only done for startups and self-employed, they are also good for employees of companies that have their own offices. Even if the former are the first clients of coworking spaces, employees can also discover the advantages of coworking. For starters, when there’s a strike you can find a place close to home and far from the TV, refrigerator and other distractions. You will also find people that do not belong to your company, and thus will be a breath of fresh air which can be really good considering that routine kills creativity. From my own experience I can assure you tat the interactions with others can be really beneficial for the motivation and the professional mission of an employee.

Strikes are also an opportunity for the employer

Employers can also benefit from the fact that their workers spend the time of a strike- or any other moment- at a coworking space. As I’ve already said, the fact of being away from the daily grind in your office can open the door to new professional opportunities. The networking that is done in a coworking space- entrepreneurs, lawyers, coaches, investors…- can only have a positive impact in the employee for that day and even longer. The idea that companies organize coworking days for their employees is more and more recurrent, among other things to innovate and create new projects… or to not waste time with useless commuting.
In fact, there are already some employees working from the space of  Betacowork Coworking Brussels in Etterbeek (Rue de Peres Blancs). Why do they work there? For most of them it is because it is easier to go to Betacowork than to their office.
If you want to experience coworking and have a productive strike day it is easy: you just have to click here and sign up for a free try-out. Check for yourself that everything that I’ve written here is not just marketing. And if you are far from Betacowork, search for a coworking space close to your place.

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