This photography workshop at Betacowork is a summary of a longer photography workshop series. The target audience for this free seminar are people that are interested in taking their photography to a higher level, especially with an eye towards travel. Although Elliot will explaining concepts that anyone, including those that use smartphone cameras can use, those individuals that have cameras with interchangeable lenses and with manual controls, will have the most to gain.
In the seminar, there will be a slideshow and discussions about:

  • Composition concepts;_FUJ8561
  • Understanding and using the proper exposure;
  • Manual and automatic settings;
  • Time of day considerations;
  • Travel issues;
  • Gear choices philosophy,
  • Social media;
  • Q&A.

When and Where?
February 25, from 4PM to 5:30PM. Plane 2

Elliot Moscowitz, professional photographer. Expat from NY. Founder of the new travel photography blog Betacowork member. Twitter & Instagram @TheGlobalLens.

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