You are a business owner, you have an idea, but this idea requires custom software to be developed? Martin Van Aken has been a lot of time on the other side as a software developer, so he will try to warn you about what to expect, and how to avoid typical mistakes.


  • The hard truth: software is difficult and expensive;
  • Be prepared: do your homework, validate;
  • Don’t: are you sure you need custom software? Using existing packages;
  • Find a developer: cofounder, freelance/web agency, employee;
  • Different sort of software: mobile, web;
  • Having software delivered: software development process 101.

When and Where?

5th of July at 6PM at Betacowork, room Madera (first floor on the right).

Who is Martin Van Aken?

Martin has been developing software for the past 15 years, for companies from one to thousands of people. He is also a former startup owner. As a freelance, he has been discussing and building software for a lot of business owners (including Betacowork’s own Homelicious). This presentation is a sort of extended summary of those discussions.

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