A new workshop is on the line at Betacowork! We want you to improve your presentations and storytelling. The golden rules of Nancy Duarte will help you to be more efficient when presenting your project to prospects, investor or your family ūüôā It’s not always easy to be understood and it can be frustrating, that’s why we are are offering you a chance to improve.
Nancy Duarte has spent years analyzing speeches that have changed the world. She provides a clear model and techniques on how to motivate and persuade others of your ideas. Her agency Duarte in San Francisco helps clients like Apple, AlGore or HP give great presentations.
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Sylvie from Mardi.be,¬†active in branding and communication, has¬†always been fascinated by¬†the power of great stories, the ones that makes you change your mind or fall in love with a character or a cause. She¬†had the privilege to follow Nancy’s workshop in London a few months ago and she is very happy to share it and discuss it with you.

When & Where?

Tuesday 15th of November at 4PM at Betacowork (ICAB Business & Technology Incubator). Room Madera, first floor on the right.

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