coworking visa map

Coworking Visa Map

Summer is here! For many of you it is time to relax, to travel and… why not? Get some work done. We have the solution for you: the Coworking Visa.
The Coworking Visa is a network of coworking spaces around the world that allows active members of one space to use another coworking space for free when travelling. This is very simple: all you need to do is to contact the coworking space a few days before your arrival, in order to be sure they can host you. There are hundreds of host spaces worldwide and the list is growing: check them in the Coworking Visa Map.

Many betacoworkers have already tried it. Emmanuel, for example, took advantage of the Coworking Visa during his trip to Spain, and described it as an excellent opportunity to network with international professionals.
With your Betacowork membership you can have access to dozens of coworking spaces around the world. Set out to discover new places and new coworkers!

Are you an active coworker and you are travelling to Belgium? Come to cowork with us!