One often thinks that coworking is reserved for free lancers. Wrong! Betacowork, like other coworking spaces, also welcomes employees.

Remote workers and consultants

Remote working is becoming more and more frequent within enterprises. This makes coworking the ideal solution for employees that wish to extricate themselves from the office, in order to boost their creativity and meet people active in other sectors. Benefits that ultimately come back to the employer – who, at the same time, can optimise the occupation of his offices and thus reduce costs.
But that’s not all: in coworking spaces, you also find consultants looking to expand their networks and in search of commercial contacts.

Increase in remote working

Some enterprises make the choice today to go from a fixed infrastructure and give their colleagues and give their employees the option to work more freely, where they wish. These “remote workers” are taking more and more frequently the coworking option. This, for example, was my choice, as, apart from my activity as a translator, I also work for, the French version of, an enterprise 100% remote (based in California, HomeExchange employs sixty people living throughout the four corners of the world). Once a year we meet up for a few days (preferably somewhere sunny) and the rest of the time each one follows his own path. Me, I chose coworking. At Betacowork when I’m in Brussels, and in other member spaces, through the Coworking Visa scheme when I travel.

Meeting with a remote worker

This is also the case for Ygal Levy, freshly arrived at Betacowork – and now can’t leave us: “I work for Bird-Office, a young start-up, since 2015. I’m responsible for servicing on the Belgian market. Bird-Office is a bit like the Airbnb for office rental and meeting rooms/events: people come to our site looking to rent, in just a few clicks, a space for a few hours or several days. My mission is to promote our services to those who have offices or rooms that they can rent out from time to time, when the time is right for them.”
“Before I discovered coworking, I passed 9 months working from home in order to launch Bird-Office in Belgium. What I missed the most was human contact. I never met anybody throughout the whole day”.
Ygal also explains how he needed a more professional working environment in order to meet his clients, trainees and colleagues somewhere other than his living room. And what’s more, with Bird-Office, you can rent a space just for the day at Betacowork, without needing a full-time subscription.”
When I asked him if he could ever consider going back to working from home, Ygal jumped before saying “oh no, that’s out of the question! Here, not only have I found the ideal work place to meet my clients, I have also discovered many other advantages that I hadn’t imagined: I have made new friends and, above all, I’ve discovered a wonderful spirit of mutual support between coworkers. If I need a translation, or advice, or a brainstorming about something, I’ll talk to one of my coworkers or talk about it at lunch time. It’s crazy how everybody helps each other out here!”

Some of the advantages of remote working and coworking for employees:

  • The employee can manage his time with more autonomy;
  • He can cut travelling time by choosing a coworking space closer to his clients or his home;
  • He can enlarge his professional network and build contacts;
  • He can profit from a professional environment (meeting rooms, printers, IT advice, etc.);
  • He will stay motivated at work, surrounded by other professionals.

Coworking employees are the happiest employees, all the better for the employer! So what are you waiting for?

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