Hello everybody, I’m Nancy, Sara’s newest intern, yes another one.
Lucky her!
I am currently in my second year at ISFSC as a student in communication.
I’m passionate about medias, social networks, events planning and music. I’m a very curious person and I love meeting new people.
I’m not quite sure about what I want to do after my last year of university, but all I know is that I’m willing to move to Canada. I’ve always been fascinated by their open-minded lifestyle and their hospitality.
I hope that my internship will be an enlightening experience, that I’ll learn from you and that I’ll be able to be as useful as I can and bring my own touch to the team.
I’m looking forward to seeing you around during the next 6 weeks, and to participate in the workshops sessions. And I know you cannot wait for me to cook for you during Betacooks 🙂
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