Yesterday we had a great entrepreneurship night with Xavier Damman, speaking at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels.
For those that could not be here or watch the live streaming of his conference, we have the video!

And, of course, a Storify with the social media highlights of the night:

Xavier Damman on Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

Xavier Damman is a 27-year-old Belgian entrepreneur who 3 years ago left for San Francisco and started a successful startup Storify, a web platform that allows users to create stories by gathering and curating information from social networks. Xavier shares his journey and tips.

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Video of Xavier Damman’s Conference about Storify & Becoming an Entrepreneur in San Francisco ” Coworking in Brussels with the BetaGroup: Better than a Business CenterYesterday we had a great entrepreneurship night with Xavier Damman, speaking at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels. For those that could no…
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Xavier Damman | CrunchBase ProfileXavier Damman added a position as Co-founder/CEO at Storify. (12/11/09). Posted 7/8/10 at 4:52pm. Check. Xavier Damman added a position…
Xavier Damman (xdamman) on TwitterXavier Damman. @xdamman. Cofounder/CEO of @storify. Free exchange of information has a positive impact on society. Go excite some elect…
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It takes time to become an overnight success @xdammanRamon Suarez
Listening to @xdamman explaining success of Storify @betacowork Brussels. We should be proud to have such talented entrepreneurs #xdammanAndré Robert Duval
Make a name for yodurself in the industry first seems to be the way to go… Worked for @storify founder @xdammanDiego Palmeiro
“Being in the right place at the right time can really make a big difference” #betagroup @xdammanDiego Palmeiro
“Perfection is attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no langue anything to take away!”@BetaGroup @xdammanXavier de Ryckel ヅ
product development 101 by @xdamman #betagroup Wenric
@xdamman is on fire @BetaGroup Tech Conference! We need more of those guys. jobe
Perseverance is key to success of entrepreneurs @xdammanRamon Suarez
You can’t make a global Internet company from Belgium, but you can contribute @xdammanRamon Suarez
Buy out of startups does not happen in EU. Business Angels have less incentives @xdammanRamon Suarez
We need to convince the old banks, telecoms and companies to buy a startup a year in Belgium @xdammanRamon Suarez
Dream big, ask for at least half a million when raising money @xdamman #entrepreneurship #belgiumRamon Suarez
There’s no more borders in a world we are all connected, forget about Belgium, it’s not even a market! – Storify @xdamman #Betacowork #ICABJulia Vumilia Vira
Don’t listen to your mom.People that loves you want you to be safe, not succesful @xdammanRamon Suarez
A safe job is a boring job #dang! @xdammanphilippe pelsmaekers
safe is boring. by @xdamman #betagroup Wenric
The best way to improve your product is sharing an getting feedback, don’t be afraid to share – Storify @xdamman conference #BetacoworkJulia Vumilia Vira
“Share your idea!” 1. Entrepreneurs have their own ideas, won’t steal yours. 2. You will get valuable feedback. @xdamman #betagroupDiego Palmeiro
“Go excite some electrons and change the world.” — @xdammanKristof Verbraeken
And ashamed that they have to leave the country RT @duvandre We should be proud to have such talented entrepreneurs @xdammanYelyam
Pretty sad ascertainment from @xdamman at @betagroup… Corman
.@xdamman spent $2500 a month in SF when he arrived, used savings for 2 (live at Suarez
Your best bet is to go open minded and listen to people in the Valley,Iterate @xdamman (live at Suarez
Make yourself useful to the community @xdamman (live at Suarez
VCs told us to raise more money, that’s why we went for two million dollars @xdamman (live at Suarez
Technology & design are becoming a commodity, not the community using your product. Uncopiable @xdamman (live at Suarez
Best way to get introduced in Silicon Valley: join a @webmission @xdamman (live at Suarez
I’m skeptical about initiatives funded by the government @xdamman (live at Suarez
Competitors are those that take money from the same sources you want @xdamman (live at Suarez
Ask the been-there-done-that dude #xdamman #betagroup #betacowork #ICABincubator Housen
Very inspiring keynote with @xdamman @BetagroupOlivier Deknop
Had a lot of fun presenting at @betacowork. @jeanderely and @ramonsuarez are doing an amazing job for the Belgian startup scene. Keep it up!Xavier Damman
You should ask @jeanderely to present next. He is a true Belgian success story that will inspire you a lot. #woorank #betagroup #BetacoworkXavier Damman
“Best keys : distribution, user experience and technical background” – Storify conference by @xdamman #Betacowork #ICABJulia Vumilia Vira
It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add but when there is nothing more to remove #betagroup thx @xdammanJonathan Wuurman
après l’excellente présentation hier soir @BetaGroup ravi de voir à nouveau @xdamman dans un mois au #TEDxBrusselsJulien Gassend
@storination Team with @xdamman !
Almost forgot to mention that I assisted ystdy 2 a nice talk exchange btw. a Young Guru ( @xdamman) and an Elder one (@duvandre) @BetaGroupJeremy Thomas