A couple weeks ago we were thinking about making new stickers for Betacowork. Keeping with our tradition of making new ones each time we started thinking with Sara and Pascal what to do this time. After the bombings that Brussels has suffered we wanted to do something to support and promote Brussels, show our appreciation for this great city that we love. We love Brussels, we love its people, we love its airport, we love its metro… we love everything about Brussels!
I love Brussels sticker
This is what came to mind, linked to another city we love and that has also suffered from terrorism: New York. We decided to work with the I love NY icon and adapt it to our city, using our Airport code: BRU. The design is the work of our member Pascal Van den Driessche.
If you want some stickers just drop by and we will be happy to give them to you. They are already a success among the betacoworkers 🙂
We love BRUssels and you? 🙂