profiles_00997_imageYannick is a passionate Belgian freelance web developer. He is currently working as software engineer for Frontback, an app for creating composite images from the front and rear cameras, both of Android and IOs. In other words the app catches “you and what you see”. Hence, if you are a passionate of selfies you don’ have to miss this app 🙂
Yannick participates to many open source projects. If you want to talk with him, you can meet him quite often at Betacowork. Also, you can join a so-called Ruby Burger meetup: informal meeting for users of the Ruby programming language. Yannick organizes Ruby Burgers once a month: you now have an excuse to go out, grab some beers and taste delicious burgers while you talk about different issues that come up.
Yannick likes coworking because it allows him not to be isolated at home, but to be surrounded by other tech professionals like him, with whom to share experiences and ideas. His story with coworking has started long before he started working with us. Indeed, he has taken part in the project for the Liège’s coworking space.
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