Most of us work in teams – the one or the other way. However, when there are different people, there are also different individual ideas, opinions and goals. You can make the most of this diversity if you have a positive and open-minded attitude which focusses on contributing toward the team’s success and not only to your own standing.
In the workshop, we will discover how the Improv-Principle of ‘saying “yes” to other’s ideas and then elaborating on them’ is used to create scenes and stimulate creativity. And we will draw cross connections on how that attitude can drive progress and team spirit in the business world.

What we will do:play-stone-1237458_1280

We will speak. We will listen. We will stand (on what we will say is a stage). We will run (maybe). We will laugh. We will speak up, or whisper. We will ask, negate and state things. We will say no. And we will say yes. And we will encounter the changes that make.
Summed up: We will do improv exercises, games and scenes with the focus on how to contribute positively to scenes and teams.

What to bring with you:

  • Nothing special (no Improv experience required);
  • If you like, wear comfortable shoes will help.

What we will take home with us:

  • Experienced how “yes” works better than “no”;
  • Reinforced your positive mindset;
  • Got (first) experience with Improvgames;
  • Had much fun.

When and Where?

Friday 7th of October at 4;30pm in room Azzar (Betacowork, ICAB). Only 12 tickets available.
This workshop is only for the member of Betacowork, become a member to enjoy it!

Who is David Zöllner?

David (proud member of Betacowor) is a specialist for digital and game-based learning. He works as a freelance consultant and concept developer in Brussels. During the last years, he developed many game-based business trainings for various market leading companies. Before that, he worked for the German TV broadcaster ZDF as Multimedia Producer and developed websites and online games.
He likes to develop trainings that create motivation and engagement through playfulness, fun and curiosity. And he likes Improvisational theatre that uses the same triggers. So he got the idea to mix the concepts of business training and Improv to create playful, motivating and engaging workshops for business issues.
Furthermore, he is a drummer, a dad, a lindy hop dancer, a beatles-fan – and a coworker.

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