photo-2During the Global Coworking Week Betacowork launched its YouTube channel. We interviewed some of our members and guests to learn what they get out of coworking.
Coworking isn’t only about renting a desk and having a good Internet connection. Like coworkers said, it’s all about being part of a community, sharing ideas and receiving feedback about your work, someone called that “passive networking”. Food is an added value, we know that conversations aroused around the table or with a cup of coffee are always the best. Betacowork‘s goal is to help you to meet all the people who are working around you and create a synergy that makes you work better.
Looking at the interviews we made last week, it shows very clearly that Betacowork is a melting pot of different jobs, there are translators, copy writers, entrepreneurs, developers, visual facilitators and a lot more professionals to discover.
Here a short summary of the brave coworkers who decided to be interviewed and their skills.

  • Ane San Miguel: graphic designer, facilitator, host, networker, ideas developer, music performer, visual recording.
  • Jennifer Palumbo: project manager, moderator/facilitator in communication and education projects; running workshops on pasta-making.
  • Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchhof: translator from English, Dutch and German into French specialized in Finance, corporate documents, education and Airlines; editing proofreading services and project manager.
  • Katia Xenophontos: translator, copy writing services in French; home exchanger and passionate about the sharing economy.
  • Cedric Donckels: PHP developer, backend developer but also fronted-web developer, realization of websites from small to medium scope with Drupal.
  • Fred Wauters: copy writer and content strategist, founder of his own agency Ex Abrupto. Also specialized in press relations, social media marketing, SEO, websites and corporate communication.
  • Jeroen Kerkhof: consultant on quantitative finance projects related to derivatives valuation and risk modeling, portfolio allocation modeling and quantitative trading strategies.
  • François Ghilain: engineer, consultant on qualitative finance.
  • Aurélie Lemarteleur: translator from English and German into French, green tea lover and our new member 🙂

It’s not over, we’d love to have a chat with all of you in front of a camera (well, in front of a mobile phone camera actually)!
Check out more video interviews on Betacowork YouTube Channel: like and subscribe!
Do you want to be interviewed? Contact us 🙂
Do you want to know more about our members? Check out the highlighted profiles in the Member of the Week series and also head to our members page, where you can even contact the coworkers via the social media of their choice.

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