One of the things we’ve seen at the coworking conferences is that there are a lot of people that would like to launch a coworking space but are hesitant to do so. The whole coworking movement is so new that a lot of them lack fundamental knowledge about it, are looking for best practices, basic financial planning… And who would know it! In a lot cities there’s not even a single coworking space open yet.
We started our coworking space in Brussels in 2010 like a lot of them are planning to do now: with a lot of ilusion, energy, work… and not much knowledge of the possibilities. Luckily for all, we’ve learned a whole lot throughout this time and we are willing to share. Beyond our participation in the American, European and Spanish coworking conferences, we are looking forward to host some of you for a more in depth hands on training at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a person that wants to open a coworking space and that wants to get practical hands of knowledge of what coworking is, how to manage a space,  and to engage the community.
The nature of the job of a coworking space manager is multidisciplinary, and so will be your responsabilities: marketing & sales, community management, administration… You will be dealing with people online and in the phisical world. If you know about blogging, social media, et al. great. If not, we will help you learn about it.
You must speak and write good English. French and/or Dutch would be nice, but not necessary. You apreciate cultural difference? Good! That’s what we are like and a great skill.
More skills that will make you an utterly awesome candidate: motivation, autonomy, and wanting to learn.
All with a good vibe and caring for people (be cool!)

What you will get

You will be trained by me, a coworking space manager with alredy a full year and a half of practical experience (plus a lot of months of planning.) The more you put of yourself and that you involve yourself in this internship the more you will get out of it.
Help with the planning of your coworking space.
An awesome space to work at in one of the most awesome and welcoming cities in the world: Brussels!
Lots of new acquaintances and friends (we call them coworkers here.)
And last but not least: money from the EU!

How to apply

Easy, just head to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs website and follow their instructions! We will not accept any CV sent directly to us. Please do everything through their system.

Who can participate?

You can participate in the programme as a new entrepreneur if:

  • You are firmly planning to start a business, based on a viable business plan;
  • You have started your own business within the last 3 years.
  • The programme is accessible to all European new and host entrepreneurs who have theirpermanent residence in one of 28 European Member States, Liechtenstein, Norway, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro,Turkey, Albania, Serbia or Israel.

Your (future) company or activity can be in any sector and there is no age limit.

Our first Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs trainee has just finished her internship and we have really enjoyed it (both sides I believe 😉 .) We are going to miss you Sonia!

It has been a mutually enriching experience and we want more. Looking forward to cowork with you!
If you have questions, ask them in the comments.