When I started to give Sales training to Startups my ambition was to help them have more sales, more cash and more capabilities to grow (including creating more jobs). These are my main motivations when I give a training.
SortList were among the first Startups I trained, it was in July 2014, and I got to know the great founding team of SortList: Thibaut Vanderhofstadt, Nicolas Finet, Michael Valette and Charles De Groote. When I met them they showed a great interest to follow my sales training. They wanted it! So, we scheduled 2 days of intensive training in order to give them all the tools and skills to be able to sell. In addition, I helped them to get the motivation of a true sales person. It was all about hunting the real sales…
Like other entrepreneurs, they were not fully satisfied with the product they had and they wanted to keep on improving it before going to market. Yet, they needed to go out and sell, sell, sell!

What SortList got from learning sales kills

They got their first results in just a few days after they started the training (not finished, started!). After the 1st session, they got five new contracts and after the 2nd week 15 contracts. With these new contracts they had more cash, clients (and among them great names), and a better visibility on the market.
It is amazing to see that thanks to the sales they made in 2 weeks time, they could review their business plan and increase the valuation of their company. This was at the end of July 2014. The difference was really surprising! (I can keep all secrets, so you won’t see hear or see any figure from me 😉 )
I am really proud of having helped them with my sales course. It is a real satisfaction to see they could make sales and also get investors to help them grow.
Let me give you in return a great thumbsup to you guys and for all the great visibility to the Belgian startup ecosystem! (TechCrunchLe SoirDe Tijd)
From the 21st of February till 28th of March (every saturday morning), I will be running a Sales Academy at Betacowork with my COSSIM (Customer Oriented Selling Skills in Motion) Sales Training at BetaCowork. I will be more than happy to help you in your startup, your idea and your success.
If you are interested to grow your business, you can register here (limited seats).

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