We are really lucky this summer. Not only Ash Maurya is giving a two day workshop for lean startup coaches, but he will be giving an open presentation on The Innovator’s Challenge (to learn how to effectively define, measure, and communicate progress with your internal and external stakeholders, without drowning in a sea of numbers) and Running Lean (his practical how to guide for implementing lean startup and create a startup that works).
We’ve already had the chance of meeting with Ash in Brussels on two occasions. He does not come often (he travels around the world all the time on top of writing books and launching and managing his own company), but when he comes he delivers a lot of value.
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To prove the point here are some of his videos so that you can start learning:

Running Lean Canvas Workshop for Startups

The first time he ever came he gave a workshop the first time we managed to bring him here that completely changed the way some Belgian entrepreneurs do business:

This presentation is based on his book Running Lean. I cannot recommend it enough!
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Top 10 Business Model Pitfalls

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Why products fail

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Yes, I want to be one of the lucky ones!

Limited places available!

Can’t make it or there’s something troubling you? Contact us so the we can look for a solution together.

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