sw antwerpWhat is a Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend is 54 hours event to turn an idea into a startup. In short: brainstorming, business modelling, coaching, designing, prototyping, pitching … with a lot of fun and stimulation!
This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in an entrepreneurial environment, meet experienced entrepreneurs, developers, coaches, investors, journalists …
With more than 1800 events in 500 cities, Startup Weekend has become known worldwide.

Who is it for?

Young starters, curious, experienced professionals, serial-entrepreneurs, students, with a new project or not. A large panel of profiles are welcome: developer, designer, IT architect, financial, commercial, marketing, legal, …
Whatever your profile is, if you are creative, ambitious and motivated, Startup Weekend is the place to be!

Is the program full of workshops, trainings, blabla speaking and “how to live” conferences?

No, you come with your skills to realize projects for real during 54h, and not to think about a potential idea. The tagline of Startup Weekend is “No talk, all action”.

When, Where and How to register?

This 11th Belgian edition will take place in Antwerp on 17, 18, 19 October 2014.

Preparation workshops

Hurry to get the last tickets!

Need a feedback from betacoworkers ?

Ask Pascal Polleunus, Xavier Corman, Eric Rodriguez, Toon Vanagt, Martin van Wunnik who have already participated multiple times.
Today, more than 300,000 participants have joined one of 1800 Startup Weekends in the world. We hope you will join the alumni!
Entrepreneurly yours 😉

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