The coworking movement* is turning 12 years old and we want to celebrate it in the best way possible: opening our doors for a full week of free coworking!
Come work at Betacowork during the second week of August (7th-11th from 9:30AM to 6PM), meet the members and attend the events we are organizing. Just fill in this form, bring your passions and change your life thanks to coworking.
You are an employee and you think coworking is not for you? Read here and find out about the advantages of coworking for teleworkers and then fill in the sign up form.
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Coworkers Introduction Rodeo (9th of August)

The Coworkers Rodeo is the Betacoworkers monthly meeting, where we introduce ourselves and get mutual help for our projects. At 11 o’clock we gather at the Foyer (on the top of the submarine) and, in turn, we answer 3 simple questions2
the-global-lens-betacowork-brussels-1633Who you are? What do you do? What do you need help with?
Afterwards you just engage in conversation with those that you can help or that can help you. You’ll be amazed at how much help you can get out of it! This event is exceptionally open to everyone.

Storytelling to Deliver a Crystal Clear Message – Workshop by Martin Jugmans (10th of August)

Stories are about life and the life experience. Using stories, anecdotes and vignettes to clarify your message is a way to fast track a positive engagement with your audience. Power to be convincing and make a lasting impression. Storytelling is a very useful method to communicate your message.
What to expect:

  • A practical workshop on how to improve your public speaking skills;
  • Insights on adding meaningful expression to a mundane story;
  • Practical storytelling exercises;
  • Get constructive feedback;
  • Get tips and advice on clear and concise communication.


Every morning the same story: #TeamTea VS #TeamCoffee

Free Coffee & Tea Everyday

Are you team Tea or Team Coffee? No matter what your taste, there is a team that you can join for this everyday challenge, tea and coffee are on us 🙂


*What is Coworking?

Coworking is the new way freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and teleworkers share an office in the 21st century: To work in an environment that improves their productivity and network, to break the isolation of working from home and the burden of working at the clients’ headquarters. Coworking provides all the facilities of a traditional office without the politics and backstabbing. It fosters interaction and increases your energy and motivation, opening up new professional opportunities.